5 reasons to take out a Funeral Plan

5 reasons to take out a funeral plan

We understand that the idea of planning your own funeral can be daunting, but it is a simple process that can take a large amount of weight off your family’s shoulders when the time comes. In 2020, the average basic burial cost has risen by 3.7% to £4,975. And 23% of all funerals were burials, which is down 4% since 2018. The average cost of a basic burial has risen by 65% in the last decade.

Our range of Funeral Plans offer a straightforward, affordable way to plan and pay for the funeral you want. Our plans will guarantee to cover the complete cost of your cremation funeral when the time comes, regardless of the impact of funeral inflation. We offer a comprehensive range of options and payment plans so you’re sure to find one that suits your budget and requirements. However, should you wish to add any particular services not covered in our standard plans, our helpful team can produce a bespoke plan just for you.  Read further to find 5 reasons why you should consider taking out a funeral plan with Cornerstone Protection:

1) Funerals aren’t cheap, even simple ones.

In fact, funerals can be pricey if you don’t have anything put aside for it. This can lead to financial stress on your family while they are grieving their loss. By arranging a funeral plan, you can pay monthly instalments, ensuring that the costs for the funeral are covered and they are as stress-free as possible.

2) You want your final wishes to be granted

If you have specific preferences for the nature of your funeral, you can clearly express them in your funeral plan. You may have a preference in terms of a burial or cremation, your headstone, or the music and readings at your funeral. Or you may not want a funeral ceremony. Whatever your wishes, they can be set forth in your funeral plan.

3) Planning your funeral can protect against inflation

Many funeral homes will guarantee in writing that the funeral services that are stated in your plan will be covered by your plan’s benefits at the time of death. This is only possible if you decide to prepay for your funeral expenses. If your funds are placed in a prepaid funeral plan, the growth on your plan could have certain tax advantages.

4) Prepaid Funeral Funds Are Available Immediately

If you decide to set up a prepaid funeral policy, the funds are immediately available when the need for them arises. The funds can be set up to transfer directly to the funeral home. By doing it this way, you avoid probate court and unexpected delays. If you decide to use a life insurance policy to pay for your funeral expenses, it may be six to eight weeks before the funds are available.

5) Peace of mind for you and your family

And finally, as we don’t know what the future holds, our tomorrows aren’t guaranteed. Denying the reality of death doesn’t make it less true. In many ways, the most loving thing we can do is take care of as much as possible in advance. The future may be uncertain, but by planning ahead, you can make a difference in the lives of your loved ones.